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Phil Mason's New Orleans All Stars with Christine Tyrrell
Thursday 19th March, 2009 at 8:00pm
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Phil Mason's All Stars line up:

Phil Mason                     cornet
Christine Tyrrell              vocals
Micky Cooke                  trombone/vocals
Trefor  'Fingers'  Williams  double bass
Laurie Chescoe               drums/washboard
Roger Myerscough           clarinet
Tony Pitt                       banjo




PHIL MASON (cornet/vocals)
Began jazz career at Trinity College, Dublin, playing in University Jazz Band.  On return to London joined John Wurr’s New Sedalia Jazz Band, then Eric Silk’s Southern Jazz Band.  In 1969 turned professional with Max Collie’s Rhythm Aces’, with whom he toured all over the world. Remained with the ‘Aces’ until 1992, except for a brief period in the mid-80’s with Pete Allen’s Jazz Band.  In 1992 started his own ‘New Orleans All-Stars’ which has enormous success on the UK and international scenes.

Began jazz career with local bands in Essex, including ‘The New Era Jazz Band’.  Joined ‘Max Collie’s Rhythm Aces’ in 1972 and remained with them until 1992 when he left with Phil Mason to form the New Orleans All-Stars.  Highly regarded by audiences and critics alike as a driving, yet sensitive bass man.  Recently in Harwich with Sammy Rimington's International Band.

ROGER MYERSCOUGH  (clarinet/baritone sax/vocals)For many years played semi-professionally in Yorkshire with top local bands including the famous ‘Yorkshire Post’.  Combined his jazz with running a demanding professional business and when he retired from this joined ‘Phil Mason’s  New Orleans All-Stars in the late 1990s.  Very popular reedman.

Another musician who combined jazz with a business career, Laurie has managed to play with many of Britain’s top bands including Terry Lightfoot and Alex Welsh.  Led his own band for ten years from 1992 and joined ‘The All-Stars’ in 2003 when Ron McKay finally retired.

MICKY COOKE  (trombone/vocals)
A top professional for many years, Micky has also played with the leading bands, including fifteen years with ‘Mr. Acker Bilk’s Paramount Jazz Band’, whom he left to join Phil Mason in 2003.   Plays great trombone and is also a singer of charm and effortless swing.

TONY PITT  (banjo)
First gig played with interval band at Chris Barber Concert at Chatham Empire, 1956. Gave up engineering studies in 1960 and moved to London. Spells with bands of Nat Gonella, Cy Laurie and Kenny Ball before joining Alex Welsh Band. Joined the Acker Bilk Band in 1964 from which he ‘retired’ in 1974. Since then he has played with the Alan Elsdon Band, thereafter Laurie Chescoe’s ‘Good Time Jazz’ before joining Terry Lightfoot in 2000.  Tony joined Phil Mason’s New Orleans All-Stars in 2007.


Born in Jamaica, she began singing in Church choirs where she got her great ‘feel’ for spirituals and gospels.  Sang locally in the Surrey area until being signed up by Max Collie for his very successful ‘Mardi Gras’ Theatre Show.  Joined Phil Mason in 1992 and has proved a tremendous asset to the Band, both vocally and in her unique ‘public relations’ with her audiences.




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