Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Sunday 21st July at 7.30pm


Cave Of Forgotten Dreams (2011)

Duration: 1hr 30mins
Genre: Documentary
Director: Werner Herzog
BBFC classification: U
BBFC advice: Contains no material likely to offend or harm.

Werner Herzog gains exclusive access to film inside the Chauvet caves of Southern France, capturing the oldest known pictorial creations of humankind in their astonishing nature setting. In 1994 a group of scientists discovered a cave in Southern France perfectly preserved for over 20,000 years and containing the earliest known human paintings. Knowing the cultural significance, the French government immediately cut-off all access to it, save a for a few archaeologists and paleontologists. Major league filmmaker Werner Herzog ( with his documentarist hat on ) was given limited access to film this beautiful artwork created by our ancestors c.32,000 years ago. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This was a breakthrough film being the first time in the modern age of 3D that a major league director of Herzog’s standing had used the 3D medium. It was a shrewd move to choose the amazing ‘prehistoric’artwork* in the Chaumet caves in the Ardeche gorge in southern France as the subject for his initial foray into the continuously evolving techniques of 3D. *Perhaps this artwork even re-defines ‘pre-history’~~~~~ The resulting film gave the medium of 3D a much needed entrée into the genres of ‘art’, ‘world’ and ‘documentary’ films and this set the scene for directors like Wim Wenders ( Pina ), Martin Scorsese ( Hugo) and ultimately Ang Lee ( Life of Pi ) to take the visionary potential of 3D to amazing new levels. Here will be a rare opportunity to see this landmark film on the big screen and to become immersed in the amazing quality of the over 30,000-years-old images and Herzog’s visual recording of them accompanied by his usual inimitable commentary.

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