Projection and Sound at the Electric Palace  

1980s projectors1911 The Electric Palace opened with a Gaumont projector and a Kalee projector, which may have come from Charles Thurston's travelling show days.

1924 Kalee replaced with a new Gaumont. 

1930 The Electric Palace entered the age of the 'talkies' by installing a Sound-on-Disc system manufactured by Syntok Talking Films Ltd.

1931 The projection room was completely re-equipped with new Kalee model 7 projectors and a new Western Electric sound-on-film sound system.

1956 The cinema closed

1981 When the cinema re-opened Kalee Dragons were installed. These came from the Admiralty Cinema, Whitehall where Churchill used to watch the rushes of the war newsreels. The lamps were Vulcan arcs from the local Regent Cinema in Dovercourt. Sound was provided by a Kalee model 522 mono valve amplifier. This system was used at the re-opening of the cinema when a programme about the event was made for Blue Peter, the BBC children's programme.

1983 Kalee 20s and Peerless carbon arcs were installed replacing the Kalee Dragons. The projectors came from the Odeon Cinema in Clacton in Essex and the Peerless carbon arcs came from the Regal Cinema in Stowmarket, Suffolk.

1987 The Kalee valve amplifier was replaced by a DIY stereo sound system that consisted of two mono Dolby A cinema systems (Dolby 364 with E2 equaliser) which came from the ABC Cinema in Ipswich Suffolk, together with Quad 606 amplifiers and Celestion SR1/SR2 loudspeakers.

Current projectors1998 With the help of an Arts Council of England lottery grant the projection system was refurbished. Xenon arc bulbs replaced the carbon arcs and new rectifiers were fitted. A new Dolby digital sound system was installed based around a Dolby CP500 processor. The reel arms were extended to take 6000 foot reels and inverters were installed for the drive motors. New Isco wide screen and anamorphic lenses were installed. A Sanyo PLC-XF12B multimedia projector was also provided for use with a computer or for showing DVDs.

2011 Digital projection equipment comprising a Christie CP2220 digital projector and a Doremi DCP-2k4 server was installed. This equipment was first used on the 29th of November 2011, the 100th anniversary of the original opening of the cinema. During the following year a Dolby CP750 audio processor was installed to provide 7.1 surround sound and a Dolby 3D system was also added.

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